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Customize Hash Packaging Boxes Marvelously to
Maximize ROI & Boost Marketing Stratagem

Produce hash boxes from strudy cardboard to protect fragile hash jars from breakage. Strikingly print boxes with lavishing designs, health benefits and potency to impart essential detail to buyers. Die cut in protective tuck and two piece style to make medicated hash eminent and increase presentation.

TCB makes customizing hash packaging boxes purposefully possible. With years of expertise and latest die cutting and printing services, we come up with innovative solutions make boxes suitable for fulfilling presentation, protection, handiness and information transmission needs.

  • Print specified artwork on suitable material
  • Die cut in right size and apt style
  • Make in distinct rectangular shape & appropriate two piece style
  • Embellish with finest finishing such as spot UV and gloss

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Having the best & state of the art printing press, we are specialized in bespoke offset & digital printing services to provide you high quality and fast printings that perfectly cover all your packaging printing needs.

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Uplift Your Hash Product Presentation with Splendid Box Customization

For years, customizing hash boxes has turned into a distinctive and inventive method for showcasing items on racks. You can likewise effectively customize the visuals along with appropriate shape of hash boxes and make them a style symbol with our phenomenal help and different customization choices like design and printing.

Designing Options

Uplifting hash grace on racks by creating packaging that’s attractive is simple with us. We have the means & abilities to make boxes with stylish aspects for you.

  • Custom Shapes
  • Die Cut Styles
  • Coating Choices
  • High-Quality Material
  • Numerous Add-ons

Printing Options

Appealing prints on your hash boxes make them appear unique from your rivals. Ample printing choices are available to make your hash boxes stand apart.

  • Offset & Digital Printing
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Foiling Options
  • Spot UV & AQ Coating
  • PMS Technique

Working Methodology

Intrigued? That is by all accounts, not the only service we have. Find extra advantages that enable us to handle your order quicker and all the more dependably.

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Get Distinguishing Boxes for Your Hash Products

Without a doubt, customers pick items that are additionally packed in appealing boxes. To give your hash product an alluring outlook, get uniquely-designed hash boxes. For this, TCB is your all-in-one source as we take special measures to customize hash boxes to give them an appealing outlook for:

  • Giving A Distinctive Look to Products
  • Making A Strong First Impression
  • Grabbing Customer Attention
  • Top-Grade Material:

    All our hash packaging boxes are made from rigid, kraft, & cardboard to make them protective and eye-catching.

  • Striking Printing:

    Finest quality inks are used to print hash boxes to add glamor, no matter the material.

  • Protective Coatings:

    We apply protective coatings like lamination on the hash boxes to prevent moisture from getting in.

Persuade Buyers to Foster Sale Graph

Packaging plays a huge part in making great shopping experience. And a salesy box with complete info convince a buyer that your brand is reliable to buy hash products. Here, the role of our printing services is great to turn hash box into a perfect impartation tool.

Award-winning printing capabilities have been our specialty for almost 10 years. This printing capability ensures that no matter how complex your provided copy, logo, & artworks are, every detail is printed clearly & exactly how you wanted.

  • Show off hash flavor with UV coating
  • Make potency prominent with hot stamping
  • Highlight ingredient source with CMYK printing
  • Emphasize logo with embossing/debossing
  • Distinguish brand identity with striking foiling

Getting Protective Hash Boxes is Not as Easy as with TCB

As a hash manufacturer, you’re aware it’s crucial to store hash products properly to maintain maximum shelf life. So, the role of protectively made boxes for hash products is great to protect them from damages of all sorts.

But the question arose where can you get such protective hash boxes? Experts at TCB will make it easy for you to create custom hash boxes that are strong enough to keep the hash products protected by the environment & human handling.

We also let you to add more safety measures inside hash boxes to meet all the safety regulations in the marketplace.

Want to get more sturdiness of hash boxes? We have skills, customization options, & solutions that let you give boxes the required strength & durability.

  • Premium & Sturdy Stocks
  • Protective Coatings & Laminations
  • Child-Resistant Styles
  • Moist-Resistance Glues

TCB Makes Hash Box Customization Easy To
Brings Out All-Purpose Packaging Solutions for Hash

TCB strives to create hash boxes in all sizes, material and layout to help fulfill all snug fit, storage, convenience and presentation requirements. Like, TCB produces boxes in cube shape for alluring outlook of hash jars on shelves.

For keeping child from accessing hash, turn boxes into child-resistant packing by getting it die cut in tuck style. For protecting hash jars from damage and tampering, we produce boxes from Kraft and cardboard stock.

For securely keeping one or two hash jars, we create boxes in all required sizes. If you need boxes for other task, tell us and we have skills to make boxes as you require.

Manufacturing A High Quality Hash Box Isn’t a Game of Child

From scanning, assembling, printing, die cutting, lamination and pasting all these steps requires 100% perfection to create a high-quality hash box. TCB create every single box with diligence and 100% perfection by following stringent packaging processes and using advance tools to fulfill customer’s needs in an efficient manner.

Competitive prices
The Cannabis Boxes Always Offer Affordable Price

By taking material types, printing techniques, shipping costs, and product waste into consideration, we introduce the most inventive and affordable ways to create hash packaging boxes and guarantee up to 40% lower rates than competitors.

We also offer variety of discount plans and promotional deals from which every size of business can get benefit.

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Custom-Made Hash Boxes – An Ultimate Solution to All Your Product and Business Requirements

Get the strongest box to shield your cannabis hash from being damaged from the external pressure with purposefully made multi-layer boxes by The Cannabis Boxes. Either you want sturdy cardboard material for your boxes to ensure maximum protection, luxury rigid stock to bestow premium visuals without compromising on safety or tear-resistant Kraft for portraying eco-friendly vibes, you’ll be found everything under one roof at a fraction of cost. Our customization services are not only limited on stocks. Get access to 12 plus custom insert options TCB offered for your boxes to give a snug fit to your hash products. Rest assured, the skilled packaging experts of understand everything regarding protection through years of expertise and work closely with you to suggest the most-suitable option for your boxes that will not only give your products the protection they need but, retain the attractive looks. At the end, you will get the foremost quality Hash packaging boxes created by our most experienced and trusted engineers to make sure minimum space between hash jar and the boxes that protects it inside from getting damage.

Get custom hash boxes manufactured by TheCannabisBoxes to adopt the preeminent branding tool by having your company name prominently printed on it. Our expert packaging team understands what branding means for your business. That’s why we value everything possible to make your hash boxes the true face of your brand. With the help of our proficient packaging specialist, design your hash boxes with different branding elements and let your customers proudly show off your brand name as they leave your dispensary store. Our CMYK and PMS printing techniques enable us to print any color, artwork, logo and design on your hash boxes to make them a walking billboard of your cannabis brand that promote your business like never before. Finally, you will get the ultimate display with deft boxes especially manufactured by The Cannabis Boxes for your brand to present the key features of your Hash.

Present your cannabis extracts in dispensaries through elegantly crafted counter top hash display boxes to get customer attention promptly and showcase products in an organized way. Need custom shipping boxes that glide through the mail and saves money on shipping? Get your hands on our ruggedly crafted hash shipping boxes and protect your sensitive medicated products from unnecessary damage. Want to take your cannabis brand to next level by adding aesthetic values to your subscription packaging? Acquire artistically created subscription boxes from The Cannabis Boxes made with strong and durable corrugated cardboard that have the capability to delight customer when they unbox your subscription packaging. Also, if you are searching for a ready to ship box that is durable yet stylish enough to carry cannabis hash in style? Opt for our distinctively designed mailer boxes that not only care about your product safety but also carry them in style as we craft them with protective inserts that look beautiful and let you send your items with confidence.

Get your cannabis based products presented in striking custom designed hash boxes with your company logo to let customers easily identify your product from shelves. Get your creatively designed hash boxes with countless finishing possibilities ranging from glossy, matte and spot UV to gold or silver foiling to give an impressive first glance to your spectators. Go out of the way for promotion of your fragile hash oil bottles through digitally custom printed hash boxes having complete printed product information including the health warning as well as CBD and THC quantity to show off distinctively for boosted sales. Go one step ahead with your gracefully created hash box packaging carrying your product’s matching color scheme printed by utilizing modern CMYK and PMS techniques of The Cannabis Boxes to make your medicated product the first and foremost choice for your customers.

Get your recyclable cardboard hash boxes made in variety of sizes, layouts and shapes by using state of the art technology and advanced techniques which enables you to preserve and protect your hash products at same time. Explore the whole new world of best in the business cardboard hash boxes adroitly crafted by the professional packaging experts of The Cannabis Boxes. You can get the assurance of complete protection of your hash products by choosing these specially crafted boxes. Along with the protection of your hash products, the material used in the manufacturing of these boxes is capable of getting anything printed on it which means that you can catch the eyes of your potential buyers at first sight by printing catchy themes on these boxes. Set up new trends in the market by displaying your products in fascinating cardboard hash boxes crafted specially for you exactly according to your requirements. These boxes are made up of finest quality material which definitely ensures the safety of your hash products from bacterial influences and bad temperature variations like unfavorably high temperature or extreme cold temperature which both are not good for your products. Mark an everlasting impression on the hearts and minds of your customers by displaying your hash products in magnificent cardboard hash boxes crafted specially according to your product dimensions.

Let us customize your hash boxes or pick our carefully crafted cube boxes to craze your customers to buy your marijuana products at a first glimpse. To show the essential part of hash product packed inside, pick the boxes of The Cannabis Boxes included a custom die-cut window pane to make it easy for the customers to have a look of your medicated products. In addition, if you want to make your cannabis resin prominent on retail shelf, then get our carefully die-cut long hash boxes to give your herbal products a sensational look as well as preserve the taste of your hashish. Our trained graphic designers work really hard to provide you best structure for boxes that perfectly match your product stipulation as well as hold your fragile products effectively to give void fill packaging.

Make consumers a die-hard fan of your offerings by choosing the box enclosure of your choice, and we promise that you’ll definitely love the thoughtfulness we put in your custom styled box! We offer a variety of custom box styles including the child resistant ones for you to choose from, so pick the one that suits your needs best, and let our skillfully manufactured hash packaging boxes speak for themselves. Looking to pack multiple of your hash weeds or resins? Just give a single chance to our skillfully punched out partitions to be placed in your hash packaging boxes; built to custom fit and house a variety of your products without letting any danger come to them. Put on an exhibition of your products in luxuriously made foam insert hash box packaging that is fabricated with shock absorbing capabilities, assembled to provide cushioning, and built to resist impact damages.

Want the best customer service at your disposal? We’ve got you covered. Our outstanding customer support provides you with distinct solutions for your ordered hash boxes that will maximize your sales by outshining you from others. Avail special discounts on your wholesale hash packaging boxes that are specifically made to lower your overall costs whilst fulfilling your requirements of gaining profits without breaking the bank. Select your required number of hash box packaging with our no minimum order policy, specifically made to cater all your packaging needs as well as ascertaining that you do not have excess number of unwanted boxes in your possession. Pack your weed tinctures, marijuana wax and other herbal cannabis infused products in perfectly designed hash packaging boxes by availing our free design assistance; thus giving you the brilliant chance to implement your design ideas onto the boxes to better deal with the latest marketing trends. Call now at (949) 844-7032 or send an email to to place your boxes’ order with us.