Cannabis is Growing Up

Legalizing marijuana means cannabis is no longer operating in the shadows. Because of the economic potential of this still emerging recreational and medical cannabis market, companies are scrambling to establish dominance in this new industry. For companies entering this new market there’s three things to consider:

  • Marijuana dispensaries are being flooded with cannabis products.

It’s a great time for dispensaries with the proliferation of similar 420 products to choose from, but not so much for manufacturers trying to gain a foothold.

  • Legalization has created a much larger, more diverse, and upscale clientele.

The 420 market has become much more segmented. How do you effectively reach these groups?

  • Recreational and medical marijuana adds another dimension to the market.

Similar markets, different strategies. The way you advertise & brand items determines how well you’re going to do in the market.

Cannabis Product Packaging

It’s difficult trying to hit all the niches in the cannabis market effectively. But what you can do is create a cannabis brand that transcends the fractured nature of the market. Let your 420 brand be the key to opening the door to sales. Branding is how the public perceives your company, and positive branding is key to sales and profit.

Apple is one of the most successful brands on the planet, and their branding message is “Think Different!