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Phenomenal Customization of Marijuana Flower Boxes
Makes Marijuana Flowers’ Packaging Achievements Possible

If your top-quality marijuana flowers are packed ordinarily, they might fail to achieve success. Thus, customization of marijuana flower boxes is your source to achieve all goals. The quality of marijuana flowers is dependent upon their freshness so getting boxes made with sturdy stock retains flower’s freshness. Printing brand logo & THC potency on boxes apprise customers about brand & crucial info. If you create boxes in open top style, it will enhance approachability of your marijuana flower sachet.

To make the achievement of marijuana flowers better, TCB has the right solution. For making boxes defensive, convenient, and illustrative, we offer incredible printing and die-cutting services and bespoke solutions to make everything right.

  • Create in right size to pack marijuana flowers perfectly
  • Print required artwork on cardboard stock for illustrative outlook
  • Die cut in suitable styles for maximizing approachability
  • Embellish by applying pertinent finishing & coatings

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Having the best & state of the art printing press, we are specialized in bespoke offset & digital printing services to provide you high quality and fast printings that perfectly cover all your professional & luxurious packaging needs.

  • Free & Instant Quote
  • Helpful Customer Service
  • Certified QA/QC Inspectors
  • Rush Production Available
  • Bulk Printing Discount
  • Free 3D Prototyping
  • Free Shipping

Smoke Up the Competition with Alluring Marijuana Flower Box Customization

Standing out from the competition is key to grab maximum market capital and ordinary packaging definitely cannot prove worthwhile to distinguish your marijuana flowers from others’, but going innovative in your box design and print ideas can do wonders. With our plethora of options and skills, we let you customize and make your boxes the discerning factor.

Designing Options

With our stylish designing options & skills, we give you freedom to make your marijuana flower boxes beguiling.

  • Custom Shapes
  • Die Cut Styles
  • Coating Choices
  • High-Quality Material
  • Numerous Add-ons

Printing Options

Our outstanding printing options with hi-tech machinery give you liberty to make your marijuana flower boxes presentable.

  • Offset & Digital Printing
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Foiling Options
  • Spot UV & AQ Coating
  • PMS Technique

Working Methodology

We have plenty of services to offer you. Explore additional perks designed to help make ordering faster and efficient.

  • Savvy Customer Support
  • Instant Quote
  • Easy Ordering process
  • Physical & 3D Sampling
  • Fast Turnarounds

Make Marijuana Flower Boxes Ingenious Marketing Approach

Knowing how important is marijuana flowers for recreational purposes. Exploit this feature and promote your marijuana flower on shelves, you should make your boxes the defining factor. With high quality material & glorious coating options, and printing freedom, we allow you to make your boxes attractive enough for:

  • Grabbing Attention of Customer
  • Building Positive Brand Identity
  • Boosting Sale
  • Best Built Quality:

    Rigid, cardboard, & Kraft materials are available to give marijuana flower boxes a sturdy structure & premium feel.

  • Striking Printing:

    To make marijuana flower boxes look enticing, we allow you to go creative regarding your printing ideas.

  • Added Coating:

    Gloss, matte, & UV coatings are available to give your marijuana flower boxes a glamorous makeover.

Built Trustworthy Relations with Buyers to Foster Sales

It’s vital to print marketing copy on marijuana flower boxes that answer to buyers, why your marijuana flowers resonate with their needs & desires. The copy on marijuana flower boxes is not limited to features but also branding elements that sway buyers’ decisions.

Let the top-notch printing services from TCB to turn your marijuana flower boxes into advertising tool. Our innovative printing options allow you to stand out the brand copy on boxes that sway buyer decision.

  • Emphasize logo with embossing/debossing
  • Distinguish brand identity with striking foiling
  • Show off usage detail with UV coating
  • Make potency prominent with hot stamping
  • Highlight ingredient source with CMYK printing

Our Sturdy Packaging Solutions – Best to Protect Marijuana Flowers

Marijuana flowers are famous in medical industry due to its versatility usage & various benefits. The product of such importance necessitates protective packaging and our marijuana flower boxes are star-player to preserve its essence & quality.

We have a variety of protection options including sturdy material and premium coatings to create protective boxes that meet all safety standards in marketplace.

Don’t know which options & materials are best to make boxes strong & sturdy? Our savvy packaging team suggest your best solutions that subdue all your safety concerns.

Want to give boxes the required strength? With unlimited customization options, they got your covered, no matter what your protection requirements are.

  • Sturdy Stocks
  • Moist-Resistant Glues
  • Child-Resistant Styles
  • Protective Coating & Laminations

Marvelously Designed Marijuana Flower Boxes
Cater All Packaging Demands Better

TCB creates ideal marijuana flower boxes to help cater to all of shielding, showcasing & convenience needs of marijuana flowers. Like, for protecting marijuana boxes from getting in contact with moisture, we craft boxes with cardboard stock and apply moisture-resistant coating.

To enhance the appeal and visibility of marijuana boxes, ask us to die-cut boxes in window style. For easy extraction of marijuana flowers on retail shelves, manufacture boxes in open top style.

Still need some other boxes to cater to any other packaging demand. We utilize the latest techniques to make boxes as you want, all you need to do is just brief us on your requirements.

Experience Top-Notch Box Manufacturing Services with The Cannabis Boxes

If you are looking for some characteristic quality packaging solutions for your marijuana flowers along with highest quality customer services, low minimum order quantity, wholesale prices, free shipping and more, TCB is your one stop shop.

Your Satisfaction – Our Prime Goal!
All-In-One Packaging Solutions & Service Provider – TCB

We not only deliver you the highest-quality packaging boxes but also provide you an efficient set of services. From finest quality printing, incomparable designing services, affordable pricing, free shipping, Low MOQs to fastest turnaround, TCB is dedicated to the satisfaction of customers and put all efforts in to exceed their every expectation.

With huge range of customization options, award Winning Print Capabilities, and an experience of 10+ Years, we are specialized and have everything to amplify Your branding.




Printing choices

Maintain the Freshness of Your Marijuana flowers with Securely Made & High-End Marijuana Flower Boxes

Custom marijuana flower boxes are such a protective packaging solution that acts as a shield between harsh conditions and your marijuana flowers. These boxes are the perfect solution for you as they are resilient enough to stand considerate amount of external hampering & tampering for protecting the originality of your marijuana flowers. They do what uncoated packaging doesn’t, which means protection from sudden temperature fluctuations and UV rays. These boxes make sure your marijuana flowers stay in their top form without losing their novelty. The safe and sturdy lid on these boxes keep the packed product safe from kids in your absence. They keep Marijuana flowers safe from heat, moisture, and any other damage that can hinder its quality. Getting facilitated with such quality and perfect boxes have always been a challenge for cannabis product manufacturers, but with us, there is nothing to worry about as a solution for all your product’s presentational concerns, is just a click away. We offer design inspiration, damage-resistant structures, and all customizable solutions for your marijuana flower packaging boxes and allow you to go creative with your design. From creative shapes to child-resistant styles, premium quality material to protective coatings and pretty finishing to small & large sizes, you can have all of this under one roof at fraction of cost. Our bespoke packaging services allow you to manufacture your boxes from durable material, create child-proof styles and give you freedom to apply any type of temperature-resistance coatings to make them a shielding solution. Order your required quantity of high-quality and top-notch custom marijuana flower boxes in any shape, size, and design, and enjoy free shipping all over the USA!

Cannabis industry is full of giant brands. How would you ensure that customers will prioritize your marijuana flowers over other existing products? It’s only possible if they look more presentable, stylish, and outshone others. Set your marijuana flowers apart from the rest and get them noticed by customers at first glance by getting marijuana flower boxes marvelously designed from us. We offer an array of customization options and printing services for marijuana flower boxes that can help your cannabis brand stand out. With help of our CMYK and PMS printing techniques, you can print the color of your interest, artwork of your choice and information as per your product on boxes with complete precision that help to express the true quality of your marijuana flowers. With us, you can get your boxes made in any shape, style & size. Pick any complex structure that fulfills the packaging requirements of your marijuana flower jars. Either any complex dimension or size that fits your marijuana flower jars. We use the latest die-cutting machineries to ensure every shape, size & style of marijuana flower boxes is manufactured with complete precision and perfection. Such perfection in die-cutting of your boxes allows you to just open the box, put in marijuana flower, close it, and present it on dispensary shelves without any complexity.

Ordering Custom Marijuana Flower Boxes Online — A Hassle-Free & Easy Process

We assume that you’ve visited the form on our website. We have put all the vital parts required to let you create a box of your interest in a few steps.

  • Specify the size of your marijuana flower box in terms of length, width, and height with the particular unit (cm, mm, inches) to give marijuana flower jars a perfect fitting.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the suitable stock (Cardboard, Kraft, or any other) for ensuring sturdiness of the boxes and the number of colors required in your box design for quality printing. Let us know the things we are required to focus on and the things we are supposed to avoid.
  • At last, enter the number of boxes you require for your business.
Amazed? Yes, it is this easy for you to place your box order with us. You can simply sit back and relax as it’s our responsibility to get your boxes ready and deliver them to your doorstep safely.

100% Perfection and Highest Quality is Guaranteed When Customizing Marijuana Flower Boxes with TCB

Providing the best quality in terms of material, printing, finishing, laminating and die-cutting of marijuana flower packaging boxes, to every customer is our priority. To ensure this, we have set a sequence of production process and that ends with strict scrutiny of our packaging experts. We never compromise on the quality while manufacturing marijuana flower boxes irrespective of the order quantity and for further clarification, our experts run analysis to ensure flawlessness of the order. Clients’ satisfaction matters a lot which is why we facilitate them with a free physical or digital sample of the boxes (on demand) they desire. Once approved, we then move on to the next steps. That helps us to avoid any design mishap beforehand. Either for gluing, taping, attaching ribbon or any custom perforation, it is keenly considered that the marijuana flower boxes have the additions perfectly embedded and never lost during display. Our experts participate in every segment of order processing to ensure the quality of the manufactured boxes. From top-notch customization services to bespoke designing assistant, you can rely on TCB. Get ongoing expertise, support, and complete packaging solutions in terms of quality to help you properly sort out your branding, presentational and protection concerns.

Services we promise to deliver:

  • 24/7 Helpful Customer Service
  • Low Minimum Quantity (MOQ’s)
  • Bulk Order Discount
  • Free Shipping

Want to make most of your budget? Get a custom quote today! Simply describe your custom box requirements, select a quantity that fits your needs, and submit your contact information to receive an estimate from one of our packaging experts. If you need any help in finding the right customization option or would like to learn more about our packaging and printing services, we are standing by to assist you in any way we can. Call us now at (949) 844-7032 and get the best customization experience of a lifetime!

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Sherri Noel

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"Great customer service. From start to finish, and met the deadlines. They set realistic expectations and delivered. Highly recommend their services and the boxes came out great."

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""We love the boxes. Everyone is raving on how professional they look. We will definitely be back for more orders.""

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""The boxes look wonderful, we will certainly order again. Thanks!""


5 out of 5 stars

""The boxes look great! Everyone loved them and we have already used [many of them].""


5 out of 5 stars

"I have done three orders with The Cannabis Boxes and they have always sent quality boxes and quickly too! Thank you so much."