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Custom Pod Cartridge Boxes
Only Solution to Skyrocket Pod Cartridge Sales

As per stats, 90% of vapers buy pod cartridge based on its packaging. Therefore, pod cartridge packaging become driving force for sales of pod cartridge. It not just keeps pods protected, but also educates buyers about all aspects and persuades buying motive. This packaging is also great to build brand & protect delicate pods from all harms.

They are customizable by every inch but, making it all possible boils down to right manufacturer. TCB has proficient experts & innovative techniques to make pod cartridge boxes a perfect sales tool. We also give customization freedom for:

  • Creating in any inspiring design
  • Making in any size, shape and style
  • Producing in sturdy materials and suitable thickness
  • Embellishing with protective yet catchy coatings

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Having the best & state of the art printing press, we are specialized in bespoke offset & digital printing services to provide you high quality and fast printings that perfectly cover all your packaging needs.

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  • Certified QA/QC Inspectors
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Highlight Presence on Shelves with Custom Pod Cartridge Boxes

Nobody notices a product with ordinary packaging. All you need is captivating custom pod cartridge boxes to entice clients, make your items stand out, and go sky-high in sales. And we can help you create such boxes with a chic appearance through our exceptional services and gamut of options.

Designing Options

Pod cartridges are famous for 2 reasons, one: is quality e-juice, and second: is their extravagant packaging. We have the skills & options to produce the latter for you.

  • Custom Shapes
  • Die Cut Styles
  • Coating Choices
  • High-Quality Material
  • Numerous Add-ons

Printing Options

Owing to the popularity of pod cartridges, striking printing on boxes is must to make a difference. Bespoke printing options are available to make your boxes distinct.

  • Offset & Digital Printing
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Foiling Options
  • Spot UV & AQ Coating
  • PMS Technique

Working Methodology

Impressed? Our amazing services don’t stop here. Explore additional perks designed to help process your order faster & more reliable.

  • Savvy Customer Support
  • Instant Quote
  • Easy Ordering process
  • Physical & 3D Sampling
  • Fast Turnarounds

Have Multifarious Boxes for Pod Cartridges

While your product is the most important thing, the box it comes in hold the ability to capture attention and ensure sale. For this as well as much more, our enticing pod cartridge boxes are your partner. They help:

  • Grab Attention at First Visual Interaction
  • Urge Vaping Lovers to Pick Your Prefilled Cartridges
  • Protectively Fit Multiple Cartridges in A Single Box
  • Best Built Quality:

    We only use first-class rigid & cardboard stock to give a premium feel & sturdy structure to all our pod cartridge boxes.

  • Magnificent Printing:

    Whatever the material, we always use the finest quality inks to print these boxes and make them attractive-looking.

  • High-End Insert:

    Further, we include quality foam inserts in them to hold the cartridges whilst giving an elegant backdrop.

TCB Personalized Box Gives Answers that Sway Buyers

What is the flavor? How much quantity it has? How long it lasts? Is it CBD or THC based? These are just some of the questions smokers think before buying pod cartridges. Custom printed pod cartridge boxes give answer to these questions to smokers in a fun & engaging way.

Creating pod cartridge boxes from TCB is a right way to make your boxes a communicative tool for impelling buyers. Packaging experts are available to help you print:

  • Flavors in Alluring Colors
  • Usage Detail in Catchy Fonts
  • Brand Name with Striking Foiling
  • Emblem with Embossing/Debossing Effect
  • FDA Regulations on Right Place of Box

Nothing Protects Pod Cartridges Like Our Pod Cartridge Boxes

Pod cartridge usually come in fragile containers that are prone to damage. So, it’s crucial to pack them in such packaging boxes that keep fragile pod cartridges safe from breakage, leakage and damages.

Our pod cartridge boxes come handy to keep pod cartridges safe from damages. Having sturdy structure make them protective to withstand the stress of shipping while still protecting the contents.

Sturdy stocks, laminations, coating, and moist resistance glues are the essentials to make pod cartridge boxes protective.

At TCB, we possess a variety of these options and create every order suitably to protect the pod cartridge from cracking & leakage. Each of our box is:

  • Constructed with Sturdy Stocks
  • Laminated with Protective Coatings
  • Finished with Premium Laminations
  • Assembled with Moist Resistant Glues

Made to Order
Get Pod Cartridge Boxes of Any Kind!

At TCB, we create vape cartridge boxes in all possible shapes, sizes, layouts and materials. Like, for distinctive appearance of pod cartridge, we offer rectangular boxes or square boxes. To keep pods safe from damage, get cardboard boxes, rigid boxes or Kraft packaging from us.

Whether you wish to pack 1 pod cartridge or pack of 4, our pod cartridge box sizes range between 0.75″x0.75″x1.75″ to 30″x20″x20″.

To make pod cartridge approachable and convenient to open or close, we also provide tuck end boxes, seal end boxes or sleeve boxes.

The Cannabis Boxes Always Value Quality Over Quantity

We have always believed in client satisfaction, thus always strive to meet client demands and help them succeed. Don’t fret to order 50 or 50000 boxes as we represent customizations in its finest manner and every time provide you;

Get More. Pay Less
Enjoy Great Discounts and Packages Offered by TCB

We have all kinds of discount bundles available for our customers, from short run, wholesale, volume orders, to frequent orders and also provide promo codes & other promotions for special occasions.

We always offer the best and easy deals for every customer who comes to our doorsteps.

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Either for Structure or Outlook — TCB Offers the Best Customization Options for Custom Pod Cartridge Boxes

Having numerous customization options appropriate to get the desired looks and required protection of sensitive cartridges makes us the top choice. We are offering all the materials in different cardboard weight types ranging from 16pt to 24pt to let you have your custom pod cartridge boxes manufactured in your demanded stock. Select rigid to give a luxury look or Kraft to express the herbal appeal of your pod cartridges. Pick any printing technique that best suits your requirement and suitably matches your design. Such 6-side expository printing express the type of cartridge you are offering along with exclusive specifications that help customer to pick the required one. Additional decorative elements always help in being distinct and easily distinguishable. Add up any extras like ribbon, bow, hang card or pick any finishing option like matte gloss, aqueous coating or spot UV to give your pod cartridge boxes a unique look. Hence, these exciting customization options give your pod cartridge boxes the look you want.

Ordering Custom Pod Cartridge Boxes Online — Become a Hassle-Free & Easy Process

TheCannabisBoxes keeps customers’ convenience at top priority. Therefore, we have formulated the easiest and simplest process of getting custom boxes for pod cartridges. Just enter the dimensions of your required box including height width and length. Select the unit of entered number either cm, mm or inches. By this size, your box is done. From the drop-down menu pick the material you want. Either cardboard, Kraft or Rigid, different strengths and weights are available, just select your required one. Up next choose either one or up to four colors printing including outside and inside of your pod cartridge box. It is best to give your customers an admiring unboxing experience. In the next section, state the number of boxes that you require. Finally, state what you want and what you want us to avoid. This journey of online ordering custom boxes process ends here. The quote will be provided at your given contact details and once approved your production will be started. Now sit back and relax, we take the responsibility to manufacture and deliver these boxes at your doorstep. Buying custom pod cartridge boxes is always a fun process with us that everyone loves to order.

The Cannabis Boxes — The Best Custom Packaging Supplier Company

TCB is trusted and considered reliable by small and large businesses for any kind of custom box requirement in the United States. 10 years of successful service and more than 30 thousand satisfied customers let new customers rely on us to perform new experiments. The modern printing, die-cutting, creasing and gluing machines are enabling us to offer the fastest and error-free box printing services. Such tangible assets make up the best quickest supply of custom boxes. The empathy we express and the professionalism we have opted uplift the reliability as being the best. We have a team of competent representatives who are familiar with industry niche and production complications. Hence, you have to give them a hint about what you want and they are ready to design these boxes according to it. The Cannabis Boxes is a professional and responsible company. To assure the trust of every customer either for a few boxes or for bulk, we keep the same standard of services and quality control measures to ensure the finest quality boxes are supplied. Not only during the order process customer experiences top-notch quality services but during production, delivery and even reordering, everyone finds us welcoming and professional. To experience such remarkable services for custom pod cartridge boxes, pick up your phone and dial (949) 844-7032.

Client Feedback

Take a look why customers trust us and start upgrading your cannabis packaging today.

Sherri Noel

5 out of 5 stars

"Great customer service. From start to finish, and met the deadlines. They set realistic expectations and delivered. Highly recommend their services and the boxes came out great."

Maria Bilal

5 out of 5 stars

""We love the boxes. Everyone is raving on how professional they look. We will definitely be back for more orders.""

Jennifer Johnson

5 out of 5 stars

""The boxes look wonderful, we will certainly order again. Thanks!""


5 out of 5 stars

""The boxes look great! Everyone loved them and we have already used [many of them].""


5 out of 5 stars

"I have done three orders with The Cannabis Boxes and they have always sent quality boxes and quickly too! Thank you so much."