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Inventively Customize Cannabis Wax Envelopes To
Raise Packaging Acme for Cannabis Wax

Cannabis wax is a very popular niche in the cannabis industry, the competition hitting high levels therefore to aptly pack them, suitably design custom envelopes. To apprise your customer about any sort of CBD, THC, Delta 8, or any other cannabis wax potency, print envelopes with such details. If your concern is to protect cannabis wax from environmental harm, making envelopes with sturdy stock is the right choice.

TCB is the right source for customizing cannabis wax envelopes ideally. Our experienced professionals are capable of expertly die-cut and print your cannabis wax envelopes and coming up with bespoke solutions to bring in perfection.

  • Suitable designing & error-free printing of required artwork
  • Best for protection by producing with right cardboard and Kraft stock
  • Ideal for reachability through making in book style
  • Enhance appeal by applying appropriate gold foil and spot UV

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Having the best & state of the art printing press, we are specialized in bespoke offset & digital printing services to provide you high quality and fast printings that perfectly cover all your professional & luxurious packaging needs.

  • Free & Instant Quote
  • Helpful Customer Service
  • Certified QA/QC Inspectors
  • Rush Production Available
  • Bulk Printing Discount
  • Free 3D Prototyping
  • Free Shipping

Heighten The Appeal of Cannabis Wax with Distinct Envelope Customization

Augmenting the presentation of cannabis wax items (CBD, Delta 8, etc.) is important to make a difference from others and stand apart. Customizing Cannabis wax envelopes in chic shape, style, and printings is vital to allure customers and outshine from others. With right skills, design and unique printing choices, we let you alter cannabis wax envelopes and make them look classy.

Designing Options

Our splendid skills and plethoric design options let you enhance the visuals of cannabis wax envelopes to entice passersby.

  • Custom Shapes
  • Die Cut Styles
  • Coating Choices
  • High-Quality Material
  • Numerous Add-ons

Printing Options

With modernistic techniques, automated printing presses & range of printing choices, we help you to make your envelopes attention-grabbing.

  • Offset & Digital Printing
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Foiling Options
  • Spot UV & AQ Coating
  • PMS Technique

Working Methodology

You might need to sit back and relax as the list of our services isn’t ended yet. We also offer additional perks to process your order professionally and efficiently.

  • Savvy Customer Support
  • Instant Quote
  • Easy Ordering process
  • Physical & 3D Sampling
  • Fast Turnarounds

Make Cannabis Wax Envelopes Jaw-Dropping

Cannabis wax manufacturers always prefer top-notch packaging solution in terms of envelopes. You need to make your cannabis wax envelopes modish for impelling customers to make a purchase. We use quality materials, arty coating options, and offer printing liberty to let you make your envelopes look stylish for:

  • Catching customers’ attention at first sight
  • Urging consumers to make a purchase
  • Adding significance to the packed cannabis wax
  • Best Built Quality:

    Kraft and Cardboard materials are available to make your envelopes look premium and irrepressible.

  • Glorious Visuals:

    We give you complete liberty to go as creative as you want regarding your printing ideas for envelopes.

  • Added Glamor:

    Gloss, matte, and other coating options are available to add extra layer of charm and protection to the envelopes.

Cannabis Wax Envelopes From TCB Helps Drive Sales

Cannabis wax envelopes with brand copy is a perfect advertising solution to not just communicate with consumers but also sway their purchasing decisions. The copy of cannabis wax includes usage, slogans, benefits and cautions that boost sales.

TCB is offering top-notch printing services to let you turn envelopes into informative tool that help buyers in making right choice. Our printing options allow you to personalize brand copy on envelopes suitably.

  • Emphasize emblem with embossing/debossing
  • Distinct brand identity with striking foiling
  • Make potency prominent with hot foil stamping
  • Show of usage details with UV printing
  • Highlight ingredient sources with CMYK printing

Secure Cannabis Wax Envelopes – Ideal to Keep Wax Safe

Like every cannabis concentrate product, wax must be stored in such envelopes that keep them safe, fresh and discreet. And wax envelopes from TCB come handy to keep the texture & healing properties of cannabis wax.

Our protective cannabis wax envelopes include a gum flap closure that lets you apply moisture resistant glues for a strong seal, while ensuring your wax keep its strength & aroma.

We always use parchment paper that is also 100% recyclable with zero chemical interactions for preparing wax envelopes that keep cannabis wax safe and secure longer.

Want to add more protection? No fret! With unlimited customization options, we have you covered, no matter what your protection requirements are.

  • Premium & Recyclable Papers
  • Protective Lamination & Coatings
  • Child Resistant Styles
  • Moist Resistant Glues

With Tremendously Designed Cannabis Wax Envelopes
Embrace the Flexibility and Release Your Packaging Worries

By utilizing expertise, TCB creates envelopes to cater to all of your shielding, presentation & convenience needs of cannabis wax. Like, for protecting CBD wax from environmental harm, ask us to craft envelopes with cardboard stock by applying protective coatings.

For packing any quantity of THC wax, die-cut envelopes as per product-specific dimensions. To resist children’s access from Delta 8 wax, get envelopes manufactured in the sealed flap with us.

Need envelopes for some other packaging purpose? We will manufacture envelopes as you want; all you have to do is specify your varied packaging demands.

All-in-one Packaging Solutions and Services Provider – TheCannabisBoxes

Tell us what type of envelopes you want us to manufacture. What features you wish to incorporate in your final envelopes? We always keep the best packaging ideas on our finger-tips to help you get what you desired of. With limitless customization options and creative designing approaches, we provide you effective and revolutionized packaging solutions for your cannabis wax faster, better and within your budget.

Owned by You, Driven by Us
Why Partner with TheCannabisBoxes?

Fastest turnarounds, free shipping, lowest MOQs, incredible customer support and competitive prices make us the first choice of all small to large size business. Hi-tech printing services, cluster of design inspirations, and luxury to premium materials, and precise die cut approaches makes TCB an ideal partner for your every packaging needs.

With bespoke packaging services, we help you exceed expectations with every possible packaging solution for your cannabis wax.




Printing choices

Escalate Brand’s Perception with Variety of Customization Options for Cannabis Wax Envelopes

When it comes to customize envelopes for cannabis wax, TCB has the range of options from printing, die-cut styles, sizes to add-ons with perfect gluing, scoring and perforation to give expected presentation and affection in these envelopes. We make our services worth experiencing by not restricting you from selecting two or more colors for printing. From catchy CMYK combinations to Rainbow color scheme and much more, we allow you to print your cannabis wax envelopes duly. Select the artwork of your choice, add your logo and relevant information about your item to make your envelopes worth noticing. Our progressive and automated printing presses deliver flawless results to ensure that your cannabis wax envelopes allure every onlooker to make a purchase at a glance. TheCannabisBoxes and its work is matchless when it comes to structural customization in cannabis wax envelope. Get desired shapes, sizes, and styles for your cannabis wax envelopes. We use latest die-cutting machineries to ensure every size & style of custom cannabis wax envelopes is manufactured with complete precision and perfection. Such perfection in die-cutting of your envelopes allows you to just open the envelope, put in THC or CBD wax, close it, and present it on dispensary shelves without any complexity.

Ordering Custom Cannabis Wax Envelops Online —A Hassle-Free & Easy Process

TheCannabisBoxes always prioritize customers’ convenience. Therefore, we have formulated the easiest and simplest process of getting custom envelopes for your THC & CBD wax. Just enter the dimensions of your envelopes in terms of height, width and length along with the unit associated to that particular number (cm, mm or inches). Now, choose a packaging material from the drop-down menu, you desire. It can be either cardboard or Kraft depending on the strength and rigidness you require to bestow in your cannabis wax envelopes. Up next choose either one or up to four colors printing including outside and inside of your cannabis envelopes. In the next section, enter the number of envelopes you require for your business. Finally let us know the things we are required to focus on and the things we are supposed to avoid. This journey of ordering custom envelopes online ends here. The quote will be provided at your given contact details and once approved your production will be started. Amazed? Yes, it is this easy for you to place your envelope order with us. You can simply sit back and relax as it’s our responsibility to get your envelopes ready and deliver them to your doorstep safely.

Join Hand with The Most Experience Packaging Supplier – TCB

TheCannabisBoxes is one of the most experienced packaging company in the United States while having immense expertise in manufacturing and adding life to your idea of cannabis wax envelopes. We have been satisfying a good customer base by providing them with top-notch envelopes. You can find a complete packaging solution for your cannabis drugs and dispensary supplies here in the form of topnotch custom packaging & custom printed envelopes. We give bespoke designing facility to let you have the perfect envelopes. Our experienced staff will guide you to get outstanding customized envelopes and our competent designers will let you have the perfect designs. You will be provided a 3D image to approve your desired design and once you are fully satisfied, the production will be started. The envelopes will be manufactured exactly as you specified and then will be delivered at your doorstep in the minimum turnaround time. We also have a list of sample designs for envelopes that you can select from. But still, if you have a distinct design idea, then let us know and we’ll turn that idea into reality. We know what it takes to save the world which is why are fond of using eco-friendly materials to manufacture these envelopes in order to satisfy the climate-sensitive population of the USA. Feel free to send email at and learn more about custom cannabis wax envelopes. You may also call us at (949) 844-7032 to place your order. You will be guided from head to toe until you’re satisfied with our working methodology. Contact us now and discuss your requirements for custom cannabis wax envelopes or Request a Quote for your next custom envelope project. Thinking out of the box for your envelopes… that’s what TheCannabisBoxes do for you!

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"Great customer service. From start to finish, and met the deadlines. They set realistic expectations and delivered. Highly recommend their services and the boxes came out great."

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""We love the boxes. Everyone is raving on how professional they look. We will definitely be back for more orders.""

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""The boxes look wonderful, we will certainly order again. Thanks!""


5 out of 5 stars

""The boxes look great! Everyone loved them and we have already used [many of them].""


5 out of 5 stars

"I have done three orders with The Cannabis Boxes and they have always sent quality boxes and quickly too! Thank you so much."