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12 Incredible Benefits of Digitally Printed Cannabis Packaging

12 Incredible Benefits of Digitally Printed Cannabis Packaging

If you are running a cannabis business, you must be searching for amazing and innovative packaging techniques to stand out in the cannabis industry. Digitally printing cannabis packaging is the best way you can boost your sales and enhance the growth of your CBD business.

Let’s dive in to learn about different emerging printed methods for cannabis packaging and the 12 incredible benefits of digitally printed cannabis packaging.

Printing Methods:

The printing method is the process of transferring images and designs onto the cannabis packaging boxes to give them an aesthetic appearance. Let’s discuss three advanced printing technologies which give your cannabis packaging a luxury look.

Digital Printing Method:

Digital printing is the best printing technique to customize your custom CBD packaging boxes and increase the visibility of your brand. In this process, no printing plates are required for transferring images onto the custom CBD packaging costs. It is a fast and cost-efficient printing method.

Flexographic Printing Method:

In the flexographic printing method, only one color is printed on the custom CBD packaging boxes, and won’t be able to produce high-resolution graphics or images. It is still the most commonly used printing technique as it is less expensive. This printing process also takes some time.

Lithographic Printing Method:

In the process, the design is directly printed onto custom corrugated cannabis packaging boxes. This gives your packaging a fascinating, premium, and appealing look. The lithographic method produces high-quality images but is expensive and takes more time for printing. It also wastes a lot of packaging with no specific customization options.

Benefits of Digitally Printed Cannabis Packaging:

Some incredible benefits of digitally printed cannabis packaging boxes that will give your cannabis business a competitive edge are mentioned below:

  • No Minimum

The top benefit of using digital printing for your custom cannabis packaging boxes is you can design not a single part for test marketing but digitally printing offers you to completely print your designs on the cannabis packaging boxes. The process of digital printing is quick.

  • Market Faster

 If you are in a rush and want to market your cannabis products fast, then you must choose digital printing for designing your custom CBD packaging boxes because it is a fast printing option.

  • Single Printing process

In this technique, no long process is required like passing the images or colors through different plates. So, digital printing reduces the cannabis packaging process time and many packaging production problems.

  • Unlimited Designs

There is no need for you to use the designs that fit all. Digital printing allows you to use any design with multiple colors and marketing variations your designing experts can create. The digital printing method allows you to customize the innovative designs that your amazing cannabis products deserve.  

  • Prototyping

Digital printing made a quick prototype that reflects high-end quality and 100 % authenticity for the final result of cannabis packaging boxes.

  • Variable Data Printing

The best feature of digital printing is variable data printing. It allows the customers to print unique and innovative designs the way they want to design their custom CBD packaging boxes the way they want.

  • Eco-Friendly

Use digital printing for reducing packaging waste as digital ink used for cannabis packaging boxes are eco-friendly.

  • Accuracy

Digital printing maintains the printing quality of cannabis packaging boxes. Every CBD packaging printing quality is the same and accurate.

  • Digital Marketing

Digital printing allows you to add innovative ideas to boost your marketing or branding. You can add high-end QR codes to enhance the credibility of your custom-printed cannabis boxes.

  • Reduce Labels’ Cost

Digital printing saves the additional label cost of your cannabis packaging boxes. You can simply print all the details and labels into the design of your custom CBD packaging boxes.

  • Expand Production

If the demand for your cannabis products increased in the market, digital printing allows you to expand your custom-printed CBD packaging boxes

  • Efficient Process

The digital printing method is an efficient process as you can print any design easily on the cannabis packaging wholesale boxes. No printing plates means no limited design options.

Bottom Lines:

Always remember that custom-packaging cannabis boxes are the first thing your customers interact with. You should design your custom CBD packaging boxes uniquely and creatively through digital printing, to attract the attention of the customers and boost your cannabis brand.

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