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4 Eco-friendly Packaging Ideas for Your Cannabis Cosmetic Brand

4 Eco-friendly Packaging Ideas for Your Cannabis Cosmetic Brand

To make your brand loved by the customers, you need to think about what your customers want instead of providing them with what you sell. 

In today’s era, people are more conscious of the environment. They are more intended to buy products from brands practicing go-green strategies to make our environment healthier. If you are a cosmetic brand owner worried about what type of custom packaging to go with, we’ve covered you. 

In this article, we will discuss five incredible and unique eco-friendly custom printed packaging ideas for your cosmetic brand. 

1. PCR Boxes for Cosmetics

PCR Boxes are the most adopted boxes for businesses that prefer eco-friendly packaging. As its name describes, this is produced from recycled products such as aluminum, water bottles, waste paper, etc.

PCR boxes are dissimilar from other eco-friendly packaging methods because they are biodegradable and recyclable, making them eco-friendly double-sided.

Another reason for its popularity is its benefits; post-consumer recycled packaging contains many benefits.

  • These can be manufactured in any shape and sizes
  • Sturdy enough to protect your product
  • Easily recyclable 
  • biodegradable

PCR boxes are the most excellent way to make your product eco-friendly without any negotiation on quality.

2. Bamboo-wood packaging for Cosmetics

Another developing eco-friendly packaging in this industry is Bamboo-Wood packaging, which is made from a plant-based source. Bamboo-wood packaging is highly biodegradable and can be decomposed easily.

Bamboo-wood packaging is mainly preferred by cosmetic businesses for their packaging and products, as well as it is the most robust packaging compared to another eco-friendly packaging.

3. Cosmetics Boxes Made of Cornstarch

Cornstarch is the latest method introduced for eco-friendly cosmetic packaging.

It is made of polylactide acid, which only comes from cornstarch. As it is the latest discovery, it is highly beneficial compared to all previous methods. Also, it is recyclable and biodegradable at the same time, which reflects an entirely eco-friendly image.

4. Compostable Packaging for Cosmetics

Compostable customized boxes can be easy and cost-effective for your cosmetics products. Compostable material can decompose in the earth with the passing of time and does not leave any kind of toxic chemicals and particles behind. It is one of the oldest and evergreen methods for eco-friendly packaging.

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