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5 Important Questions to Ask Before Automating the Cannabis Edibles Packaging

5 Important Questions to Ask Before Automating the Cannabis Edibles Packaging

If you are considering automating cannabis edibles packaging, you must ask some questions about the packaging manufacturing company. This will help you in making the right decision of choosing an excellent packaging provider for your cannabis edibles products.

Nowadays, packaging automation is becoming a popular choice for cannabis edible products. Get yourself ready to explore some important questions to ask before automating the cannabis edibles packaging.

1. What is your packaging process?

The main question you should ask the packaging machine manufacturer is what is your packaging process. This little question will cover all the details that you should know before automating cannabis edibles packaging.

Packaging providers should also know the answer to some important questions to earn the trust of the clients. Their queries will be like this:

  • What are your packaging process steps?
  • What is the speed of your packaging process?
  • How many custom-printed packaging boxes do you customize per minute?
  • Do you have automated machinery for packaging right now?
  • Do you manually check the weight, fill, and seal the custom packaging box?
  • What packaging materials do you use?
  • What type of packaging boxes do you make?
  • What is the size of your boxes?

2. What do you think about the future of your packaging process?

You should ask about the goals and future planning of your packaging provider company to get an idea about their authenticity and reliability. This will give you an insight into the packaging manufacturing company and you can easily make your decision for automating the cannabis edibles packaging.

Cannabis packaging suppliers must also make themselves ready for the important questions that might come into client’s minds which include:

  • Can you customize the shape or size of the custom-printed cannabis edibles packaging?
  • How many people are working in your packaging company?
  • Are your labor or staff skilled or unskilled?
  • Do you have budgets for cannabis edibles equipment?
  • Is your environment secure for cannabis edibles?

3. Is the temperature suitable for the cannabis edibles in your packaging company?

Usually, cannabis edibles are cold and can be easily passed through the packaging process such as gummies and candies because they can be sticky and melted at room temperature. You must ask the packaging provider company about the temperature flexibility for cannabis edibles.

Packaging manufacturing companies should always ask for the details of cannabis edibles such as the type of gummies; are they oiled or sugar coated to provide suitable temperature and protection to the cannabis edibles?

4. Ask about weight Tolerances:

Cannabis edibles, such as pharmaceuticals are very strict in their dosing and weight tolerances. Packaging manufacturer companies for cannabis edibles must focus on the legal requirements for weighing cannabis products. You must ask about the details of their weight tolerance strategies.

5. Do you have enough space for cannabis edibles packaging equipment?

This is a very important question because narrow space might damage some of the cannabis edibles products or packaging boxes. Fortunately, packaging machines for cannabis edibles are designed with small footprints. So they can easily and effectively work in tight spaces. Circular fashion cannabis edible packaging machine takes less space than horizontal machines.

Over to You:

We hope the aforementioned important questions will help you in making your decision of choosing the best packaging company for your cannabis edibles. Cannabis edibles are sensitive and need extra care to avoid environmental damage. The Cannabis Boxes are always ready to offer you the best custom-printed packaging boxes that are customized in a cannabis edibles-friendly environment.