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5 Unique Embellishment Features for Custom CBD Boxes

5 Unique Embellishment Features for Custom CBD Boxes

Nowadays different kinds of cannabis products are emerging in the market and they are used by both adults and teenagers. CBD consumption is not considered to be very trendy but it helps to recover neurological diseases. The cannabis market is saturated with several million products so what’s the distinctive factor that makes your product stand out in the competitive market? It’s custom CBD boxes. Custom packaging acts as a branding tool and adds value to your products.

In this comprehensive guide, you will see 5 unique embellishing features that improve the outer look of your CBD boxes and make you one of the leading brands in the competitive marketplace.

How Custom CBD Boxes Will Be Beneficial?

If you want to get the attention of your potential customers, custom CBD packaging plays a pivotal role. These boxes come with some of the following advantages:

  • Promote sustainability and reduce carbon footprints
  • Flexible and easy to customize
  • Good economical choice
  • Easy to carry and ship your products over longer distances
  • Win overall customer engagement
  • These boxes can help in brand-building

Now, let’s discuss unique and attractive embellishing features to make your custom CBD packaging different.

1. Window Cutouts Addition:

Do you want to enhance your product visibility inside the packaging? Window cutouts are the next big thing! By using high-end die-cutting technology, die-cut windows can be manufactured. With unique and creative cuts on custom CBD oil boxes, make your products stand out from the competition.

Such types of boxes can help your customers in their buying decisions. Also, these boxes can help you to display your products on retail shelves elegantly.

2. Using Custom Inserts:

Whenever you think about the box, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Definitely the product safety. One of the exclusive features of custom packaging is to ensure product integrity.

Custom inserts play dual functions as these boxes guarantee the safe delivery of products until they reach the final destination. Besides the safety perspective, these inserts can be enticed with unique and alluring printing patterns that ultimately provide a good unboxing experience. Also, custom CBD boxes can help convey your brand message with product safety.

3. Foil Printing:

With the help of the latest technological trends, foil printing has become more productive. While designing the pre-roll boxes, one must use the outstanding approach. It gives your products a shiny and elegant look that makes your products stand out from the competition in the market.

You can choose gold foil, silver foil, copper foil, and rose gold foil for foil printing. All these colors of foil printing enhance your packaging box’s beauty to the utmost level. Now, it’s your choice which color would you prefer according to your marketing campaign!

4. Spot UV Printing:

If you want to enhance your brand limelight, you should opt for spot UV as spot UV is the exclusive printing technique. It makes your product stand out from others. You can also use it for the purposes of leveling up the print items.

For example, you can use spot UV printing on the cardboard packaging to give your packaging a luxurious touch. You can add pictures, slogans, unique artwork, and logos on custom CBD packaging, and by doing so, you can easily distinguish your brand identity.

5. Gloss & Matte Lamination:

Whether you want to go for matte or gloss lamination, each coating provides an extra covering to ensure your product’s reliability. Gloss lamination offers you a chance to make your logos and other branding elements the center of attraction.

However, one thing to remember is that matte takes in the light whereas gloss bounces it. As a result, the latter ultimately creates a visual gaze that is elegant and luxurious.

Final Words!

Packaging holds way too much importance, especially for enhancing the look of products and improving the way they are displayed on a retail shelf. For CBD manufacturers, minimizing the packaging cost is one of the prime concerns. To keep your budget low, consider buying custom CBD boxes to make your business operational costs manageable. Also, using different embellishing features for these boxes is also crucial. If you want to give your CBD packaging a distinctive display that makes your product stand out, contact us today!