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6 Custom Packaging Boxes Ideas for Small Cannabis Businesses

6 Custom Packaging Boxes Ideas for Small Cannabis Businesses

When it comes to cannabis custom packaging, it’s essential to stand out in a very crowded market in every possible way. One way to do that is through unique custom boxes. In this post, we’ll go over 6 different custom box packaging ideas you can use for your small cannabis business.

1. Highlight Branding Elements:

Your cannabis brand is the foundation of your business, and it’s essential to make sure that you highlight these elements when designing your custom cannabis packaging.

Logo: This is the first image of your company for customers, so it needs to be recognizable and memorable. It should also appear on all cannabis packaging you sell in stores so that customers can quickly identify what they are buying from you.

Colors: Your colors must match a cohesive brand identity, so use them consistently throughout all marketing materials and your promotional boxes.

Fonts: This includes typefaces (such as Helvetica), font weights (thin or bold), serif versus sans serif fonts, etc.,”

2. Use Unique Materials for Shipment:

You can use several materials for packaging your cannabis products. First, you can choose from different paper materials. Paper is lightweight and fragile, so you’ll need to ask your packaging manufacturer to use the best paper material for your cannabis boxes.  

You should also consider size when choosing your material! If you have substantial items that will fit only in a big box, then they might only be able to ship that way, adding more expense on top (in addition). 

3. Choose the Right Size:

Once you’ve decided on the shape of your box, it’s time to pick a size. Remember that the goal is to choose something other than a size for your business that is too small or too large but will allow for efficient packaging and shipping of your product.

You want to keep it manageable, which adds unnecessary waste and expense. But on the other hand, undersizing can result in damaged goods and unhappy customers if they aren’t protected adequately inside their package (this is especially true with fragile items like glassware).

The best way to determine what size box you need is by measuring similar products currently being sold at retail stores in your area or online and comparing those measurements against each other until finding one that seems right at first glance but also yields good results after further investigation into its dimensions (in terms of space allotted per item vs. overall weight considerations).

4. Unique Shape to Stand Out in Crowded Markets:

If you’re looking to stand out in the crowd of cannabis shops, then an eye-catching shape is your best bet. However, if you create a unique customer experience, they will remember their visit and return.

You can also use custom packaging to promote special offers or discounts, which can help differentiate your product from the competition. This is particularly useful when selling similar products with comparable prices and benefits but different packaging designs. For example, if two brands both sell Organic Vape Juice & E-Juice, a custom packaging box could help set them apart even before tasting their wares.

5. Use Eco-Friendly Kraft Boxes:

The next step is to consider the box packaging you’ll use. The most common way to do this is with kraft paper boxes, which are always ideal for cannabis businesses. 

Why? Because they’re made from recycled paper, they can be used multiple times and then recycled again (rather than thrown away). This makes them a more eco-friendly option compared to other boxes with their own set lifespan before being discarded as garbage—saving space in landfills for more essential things like garbage bags or food waste! 

These eco-friendly kraft boxes also compost quickly once exposed to sunlight and soil, so there’s no need to worry about them continuing as an environmental hazard after being removed from your business premises! 

In short: if you’re looking for a sustainable solution for storing your product safely while keeping costs low and minimizing waste output during production processes, Kraft packaging may be just what you need!

6. Minimalist Design of Custom Cannabis Boxes:

Minimalism is the art of creating a clean and simple design that can be used for many different products. This packaging design gives the product a premium look and feels while still being elegant and modern. Minimalist designs are timeless and will never go out of style because they don’t rely on trends or fads to make them stand out.

Regarding cannabis packaging, minimalism is an excellent choice because it’s both aesthetically pleasing and effective at giving you an edge over your competitors in terms of branding identity while also working well with marketing strategies such as influencer marketing.


There are hundreds of custom box ideas for small cannabis businesses, but these 6 will help you stand out in the retail market. For more inspiration, check out our blog post on creating a unique design for your cannabis packaging.