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6 Must-Have Features for Functional E-Liquid Packaging

6 Must-Have Features for Functional E-Liquid Packaging

Demand for E-liquid products rapidly increasing among youngsters and old-age people. They are smokeless and available in different flavors like chocolate and fruit flavor. As growing product popularity, the need for effective and functional packaging also increased. Thus, CBD brands aim to make their E-liquid packaging functional and practical.

A study show, 1 in 4 use e-cigarettes every day. On the other hand, 9 in 10 use e-cigarettes to consume the different flavors of e-juice. Join us in this blog post to learn 6 must-have features for functional e-liquid packaging. Let’s start off!

1. Leak Proof Design

Product protection is the priority of packaging manufacturers. No doubt, liquid things need more attention for secure delivery and storage, equal to e-liquids. Opt for a leak-proof design to prevent spillage and keep your items intact during shipping. Material used for e-liquid packaging should be sturdy and long-lasting, ensuring withstands harsh handling throughout the transportation.

Remember, a leak-proof design not only protects the product but improves consumer satisfaction. Perfect design leads to reduced waste and mess when restocked by consumers for later use.

2. Precise Labeling

The second yet major feature e-liquid box is it should be easy to customize and carry any printing technique. The labels should be precise and clearly provide product information or product description. The information includes nicotine content, ingredients of the product, usage directions, storage instructions, and dosage guides.

Moreover, labeling clarity helps consumers to make informed decisions about the product. Plus, the printing of boxes reflects the brand image.

3. UV Protection

E-liquids are sensitive to light and continuous exposure to UV rays can degrade their quality. That is why, e-liquid packaging should feature with shield of light exposure and UV rays. UV protective packaging helps to increase the shelf life of e-liquids and maintain their quality as well. you can use spot UV coasting options to secure the colors, flavors, and taste of the e-juice. Further, this feature is important for e-liquids covering nicotine that can change the overall vaping experience.

4. Child-Resistant Design

Child-resistant packaging is a vital feature of e-liquid packaging. E-liquids often contain nicotine, which can be harmful to children. Consequently, e-liquid packaging must be designed by keeping in mind child protection. The closing machinimas should make it difficult for children to open the product. The CBD product packaging industry uses many closure styles to offer extreme protection to goods and make boxes child-resistant. These closures are twist caps, press-and-turn caps, magnetic closures, or other mechanisms that require power to open.

5. Tamper-Evident Seals

Another feature to look, at when choosing e-liquid packaging is tamper-evident seals. They are essential to ensure product integrity and safety. These special seals serve as a sign to know whether the product has been opened or tampered with before consumers purchase. Temper seals improve customers’ loyalty and trust, ensuring customers that they purchase from reputable brands. It also serves as a tool for adding an extra layer of security to the product.

6. Proper Sizing

Don’t forget to consider the size and volume of the e-liquid packaging. It should be compact, sturdy, and enough for easy storage and transportation. Further, a packaging that helps to carry an adequate amount of e-liquid for regular use and keeps them secure from environmental impacts as well.

Most importantly, don’t follow the one-size-fits-all rule, manage the size of e-liquid packaging according to the bottle size, height, and weight.


E-liquid packaging plays a crucial role in the preservation of e-liquid flavor, colors, quality, and essence. Some features like child-resistant packaging, tamper-evident seals, leak-proof design, precise information, proper sizes, and UV protective shields are important. So, whenever finalizing the packaging for your e-liquid must check these features, for product security, consumer satisfaction, and brand recognition.