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7 Cannabis Packaging Mistakes That Are Killing Your Cannabis Sales

7 Cannabis Packaging Mistakes That Are Killing Your Cannabis Sales

Packaging is the first thing that helps customers to build interaction with your brand. As a cannabis brand owner, you have the idea that packaging plays an important role in making or breaking your cannabis product sales. That’s why it is recommended to avoid cannabis packaging mistakes when designing custom cannabis packaging.

Let’s take a look at 7 common cannabis packaging mistakes and discuss how to avoid these mistakes in the future.

7 Cannabis Packaging Mistakes to Avoid

When we talk about selling cannabis-related products, packaging is the key. You need to ensure that your products stand out on the shelves and urge customers to finalize their buying decisions. So, for this, you have to avoid the below-mentioned cannabis packaging mistakes:

1. Wrong Packaging:

One of the most important packaging mistakes made by cannabis brands is selecting packaging that doesn’t showcase the inside product. You can go for various types of cannabis packaging materials or supplies like glass bottles, tubes, and mylar bags.

Moreover, you have an idea about state regulations regarding cannabis product packaging as it varies from state to state. For example, some cannabis products must be sealed in tamper-evident and child-resistant packaging. It not only increases your brand sales but keeps you within the law.

2. Don’t Seal Properly:

When you don’t seal your cannabis product packing correctly, it not only creates health and safety concerns for your customers but also deteriorates your brand reputation. There are strict guidelines on cannabis product packaging especially child-resistant packaging. By law, the product must be sealed in such a way that it’s not easy for a child below age 5 to open the packing.

Moreover, proper sealing is also essential in keeping your products safe, secure, and fresh. If you don’t seal cannabis products correctly, there are chances that products get damaged from moisture, heat, and light. So seal them correctly.

3. Wrong Packaging Size:

The packaging size also matters a lot when you want to do packaging of your cannabis products. If you go for the wrong size, there are chances that your product will get damaged or affect how visually appealing it is to your customers.

On the contrary, when you choose a packaging size that is too big like a giant mylar bag, so in this way your customers will not feel good and your packaging will look unattractive.

4. Incorrect Labeling:

The next custom cannabis packaging mistake is to avoid incorrect labeling. According to the latest cannabis labeling requirements, you should include specific information on the product’s packaging label. For each cannabis product, you must have an idea about the packaging labeling requirements.

5. Use Low Quality Images:

Once you have chosen the right packaging box type and size, the next most important thing is to customize them. You need to use high-definition and high-quality images on your cannabis packaging as the cannabis market is highly competitive.

You can only offbeat the competition if you come up with the latest cannabis packaging designs and ideas. You must make your product packaging visually appealing and go for the right packaging supplier.

6. Poor Branding & Design:

Your brand packaging is the best way to convey your product and brand information to customers but what if it lacks eye-catching design and branding? In this way, there is a possibility you could lose potential customers so you have to go for eye-catching, unique, and latest packaging designs that urge customers to make purchases from your brand rather than other competitors.

7. Use Low-Quality Materials:

When you do flimsy packaging for your cannabis, it is quite difficult for you to earn your customer’s trust in the long run and build a strong brand reputation. Opt for durable and high-quality materials that not only protect your cannabis products but also convey a sense of value.


By avoiding these cannabis packaging mistakes, you will see a massive increase in your brand sales and build a strong brand identity. You can avoid these custom cannabis packaging mistakes by acquiring The Cannabis Boxes Services. At The Cannabis Boxes, we have an idea of how to avoid the above-mentioned common mistakes and make your cannabis packaging stand out.