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8 Essential Packaging Tips Every Marijuana Business Owner Should Know

8 Essential Packaging Tips Every Marijuana Business Owner Should Know

In this fast-growing marijuana industry, product packaging plays a crucial role in maintaining product freshness, attracting potential customers, and complying with regulations. As a marijuana business owner, it is essential that the marijuana packaging not only meets the legal rules but also stands out in this competitive market. In this blog post, we’ll look at 8 essential packaging tips every marijuana business owner should know to navigate the marijuana industry successfully. Follow these packaging tips so that your marijuana product achieves ever-growing success in each aspect.

Things to Avoid When It Comes to Marijuana Packaging

  • There should be no use of displaying a character, animal, or person on marijuana packaging, as well as any visual or emotional branding. 
  • Avoid conventional colors or images on your product’s packaging; use that space to market your brand.
  • The packaging should not be appealing to children. 

8 Packaging Tips Every Marijuana Business Owner Should Know

Let’s take a look at these 8 tips that every marijuana company owner should know to be successful in this competitive market;

Understanding Marijuana Packaging Compliance 

Following Compliance and laws shows your professionalism as a responsible marijuana business owner. Although laws and regulations relating to cannabis keep changing across the state and city, every marijuana company owner needs to be updated with the laws relevant to how these cannabis packaging should be marketed to the audience. Therefore, marijuana businesses should be informed about current regulations and take essential precautions proactively.

Prioritizing Child-Resistant Packaging

It would help if you always considered the reactions of children and pets towards your package whenever choosing marijuana packaging. Vivid colors, imagery, and words like cookie and candy can attract children to your packaging, which should be avoided. Features that are child-resistant, include zip locks, and exceptional safety which should be added in the packaging. 

Using minimal designs on your packaging is an easy method to keep children away. This will act as child-resistant and make your product aesthetically appealing to potential customers.

Setting Yourself Apart from Competitors

Your marijuana product must stand out; therefore, every marijuana business owner must analyze its competitors. The proper marijuana packaging creates a solid impression. That’s why it should be designed to reflect a brand identity, increase awareness, and differentiate it from the target audience. Choose eye-catching fonts, colors, and custom prints that create a visually appealing and memorable package. 

  • Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is mandatory in the marijuana industry. Most of the consumer are environmentally conscious and prefer sustainable product packaging. They will most likely prefer brands that carry out sustainable practices. That’s why most companies are now adopting sustainability so the potential customers notice that the particular product is organic, raw, and sustainable. The key to achieving sustainability is with the use of kraft, cardboard, or green material. 

  • Warnings Labels on Packaging

Warnings and side effects that can be caused by marijuana are crucial, as most people don’t know about the symptoms and risks related to marijuana. Therefore, the packaging should mention signs like “Keep Away from Children” and “Medical Use Only” if required by law in your state. This is to protect your brand in an alarming situation. Therefore, using clear information and typography is essential. 

  • Being Creative

Creativity in product packaging helps attract customers and increase brand awareness and loyalty. You must differentiate your product from your competitors with so many options available. Go for innovative designs and catchy labels to set your product apart. 

  • Quality Material

The marijuana packaging should be made of durable material to protect from the harmful exposure of bacteria or mold that can be caused due to weather conditions. 

  • THC Symbol

The THC Symbol shows a red triangle over the text which shows “Contains THC,” and inside, the symbol contains a cannabis leaf or exclamation mark. We suggest the use of the THC symbol on your marijuana product packaging to differentiate your product. However, it is crucial to mention the presence of milligrams of THC as people get prescribed to consume a specific amount dose daily. With the help of this, they can’t take more or less of the recommended amount.

Final Thoughts

Packaging is an essential component of running a successful marijuana business. In past years, marijuana has gained a lot of importance, and marijuana business ownerwants the best for their customers. By prioritizing a product’s freshness and safety and following legal regulations, you can not only meet marijuana industry standards but also differentiate your product from others. The Cannabis Boxes provides customized marijuana boxes with outstanding printing services and comes up with innovative solutions.