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Custom Printed Hemp Tea Boxes: 4 Reasons Why They Are No. 1 on the Market

Custom Printed Hemp Tea Boxes: 4 Reasons Why They Are No. 1 on the Market

Do you know the most loveable drink all over the world is “Tea”?

The Tea Association USA states that about 3 billion cups of tea are consumed by Americans every day. And there are more than 455 different types of tea available in the market (Mintel’s Global New Products Database).

Hemp tea is also one of the popular beverages served across USA. The reason behind the popularity of hemp tea is its herbal healing properties and many other health benefits. Many businesses use special type of custom hemp packaging boxes to pack the hemp tea, display in cannabis pharmacy and present in various health stores. How these special hemp tea packaging protect the hemp tea and why is it ranked No. 1 in the market. Let’s have a look at few of the factors and reasons for the immense popularity of hemp tea packaging.

1. Durable and Sustainable:

Custom-printed hemp tea boxes are made up of recyclable material, so these packaging boxes are eco-friendly. Recyclable material is not only eco-friendly but also saves the cost of the hemp tea boxes. Different studies show that packaging waste is the major reason for global warming and climate change. These studies proved that sustainable packaging reduces packaging waste and protects the environment. Customers also show concern about the packaging boxes because the polluted environment destroys their health.

2. High-Quality Printing:

The other major reason why customers purchase your custom hemp tea boxes is the high quality of printing on the hemp tea packaging boxes. You can customize it by using different printing types and techniques for the packaging such as matte finish, full-color printing, clear coating, etc. You can also use full-color printing to print on both the front and back of the packaging boxes to make them more prominent for the customers.

3. Eye-catching Designs:

The design of the hemp tea boxes must be eye-catching and innovative to give them a striking look. The design must give a bold, cheerful, explicit, and vintage appearance to the custom hemp tea packaging, to cast a magical spell on the mind of customers to purchase impulsively.

The design with green leaves is also preferred because it gives the customers an image of the natural and authentic hemp tea product. This is how you will earn the trust of the customers and make them your loyal customers.

4. Customizable:

Why custom hemp tea packaging boxes are recommended for the success of your brand? This is because you would be able to choose from a wide range of customizing options for your bespoke boxes. You can select any color, size, and shape that goes great for your hemp tea to make a perfect appearance.

Moreover, you can also get a creative and innovative packaging style to get your hemp tea a unique identity and a stunning appearance to grab the attention of more customers. For example, you can choose a creative cardboard display packaging box and print your brand logo that creates the chance of brand recall.


If you are running a hemp tea business or brand, you must never compromise on the quality, design, and style of the custom packaging boxes. The perfect and accurate choices for your custom-printed hemp tea boxes become the center of attention and an incredible way to market your brand.

You could also effectively customize the hemp tea packaging. However, for this purpose, you need a trustworthy and highly reputed packaging supplier. The Cannabis Boxes offers excellent and effective packaging for your delicate hemp tea and other relevant products. Get in touch with us to acquire the best quality hemp packaging boxes for your health brand.