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Designing Custom CBD Boxes: An Ultimate Guide

Designing Custom CBD Boxes: An Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for ways to make your CBD brand stand out in the market? Using “attractive and illustrated custom CBD boxes” is the only way to take your brand to the next level. You can use the best quality packaging boxes and represent your “oils”, “skincare products”, “capsules”, and “cosmetics” in amazing custom packaging boxes. But how to design your custom CBD boxes? You just need to create eye-catching custom packaging boxes that provide appropriate product information and meet the legal requirements of the state.  

What Is CBD?

Before we talk about the design of custom CBD boxes, let’s get to know What CBD exactly is. It is known as cannabidiol. CBD is a compound naturally found in hemp plants and cannabis. It is not psychoactive or tetrahydrocannabinol that changes your brain or makes you high.

How to Select the Right Packaging for CBS Products?

According to a report, “the sales of CBD are growing from $0.5 billion to $1.8 billion in just four years”. The market of CBD is increasingly competitive. This is important to design attractive packaging boxes to influence the majority of the customers.

Here are the types of packaging material that can help you to elevate your brand among your customers:

  • Paper Bags:

Using paper bags in the packaging of CBD products is a great way to make your products stand out in the market. You can pack dried herbs, loose-leaf teas, and pre-rolled CBD joints in these boxes. According to a survey, over 65% of customers said that paper packaging is more appealing as compared to other packaging materials. This type of packaging is best for all those customers who prefer minimalist and eco-friendly packaging boxes for their products. Furthermore, you can use vibrant colors and opt for customized designs to make your products stand out in the market.

  • Fabric Wraps:

If you want to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your packaging boxes, you can use fabric wraps for your CBD beauty products. These fabric wraps are economical and perfect for CBD-infused skincare items such as “bath bombs”, “body lotions”, and “face masks”. You can use a silk fabric or woven sack fabric that not only enhances the overall presentation of your products but also protects your CBD cosmetic products from any damage and environmental factors.

  • Corrugated Boxes:

Corrugated boxes are widely used boxes in the packaging industry that are famous for sturdiness and protection. The corrugated packaging material is a perfect solution to deliver your CBD products with extra safety and protection. These boxes are best for fragile items such as glass bottles and CBD oils. Furthermore, corrugated boxes also offer great protection and excellent cushioning to ensure that products arrive in perfect condition to your customers. Another thing that makes this box perfect for the packaging industry is its recyclability. According to a report, “corrugated material has 91.4% which is high in the United States”.

How to Enhance Custom CBD Boxes with Attractive Accessories?

Enhancing the design of custom CBD boxes is essential to boost the appeal of your products. There are many ways to enhance custom CBD boxes. You can use all these attractive accessories to uplift the overall presentation of your products and boxes. Here are some customized packaging add-ons you can use on your custom CBD boxes:

  • Custom Coated Labels:

Custom-coated labels allow you to add a personalized touch to your custom CBD boxes. You can add labels that match your brand color, logo, and brand identity. This is how you can give a visual appeal to your custom CBD boxes

  • Custom Stickers:

If you want to make your customers satisfied with your products, add personalized stickers on your custom CBD boxes. So, if you can invest in custom stickers, go for it and create an amazing packaging look for your products.  

  • Custom Roll Labels:

Using a custom roll label provides you with flexibility and convenience if you have multiple CBD product sizes and variations. You can print custom roll labels with vibrant colors, precise product information, and high-resolution graphics.

Final Thought:

This is all about how to design your “custom CBD packaging for your CBD products”. Firstly, you have to select packaging material according to your product. If your products are “fragile products”, go for robust and durable packaging material such as custom corrugated boxes. You can use attractive add-ons such as custom labels, stickers, and roll labels to enhance the beauty of custom CBD boxes. You can also contact one of the reputable custom packaging suppliers “The Cannabis Boxes” to get perfect packaging solutions for your products.