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Everything You Need to Know About Digital Printing in Custom Packaging

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Printing in Custom Packaging

Digital printing is a broader term and can be used in a wide range of different applications. I hope that you have definitely interacted with digital printers whether that be in your school, shop, office, or at home. These are commonly used for printing papers, and documents. But, how can digital printing be used in the packaging industry?

Let’s dive right in!

1. What is Digital Printing for Packaging?

The process of digital printing is totally different in the packaging industry. The process starts from send digital files (a PDF file, JPEG file) to a printer for applications on packaging materials. After completing this process, digital files are changed into the CMYK colour scheme to enhance the accuracy of the colour output from the screen to the substrate. There is no need to acquire manual labour for set up, as the process of digital printing is fully automation and there are no paper rolls and dies to be installed.

Digital printing is usually used in the custom packaging industry to provide a creative and distinctive look to your packaging boxes with the help of typography, and attractive designs. Digital printing is also used to create some beautiful, attractive, and impactful custom packaging artwork designs.

2. The Purpose of Digital Printing in Packaging:

The main purpose of digital printing in the packaging industry is to save time and money while manufacturing custom-printed boxes. Digital printers gave you increased production with less effort. Usually, these printers are the best for smaller orders and cut the packaging cost by up to 20%. Moreover, digital printing is also best for minimalist packaging design as it gave high-quality results for less complex artwork.

3. Short Runs & Sampling:

Using digital printing to create small orders is typically cheaper as compared to offset printing. Digital printing is the way to go when you got an order of up to 100 to 300 custom boxes. Additionally, when it comes to the samples of custom packaging boxes, digital printing dominates flexography printing as well as conventional forms printing.

Digital printing is also preferable as it is cost-efficient and faster. This is very easy to make custom packaging samples with the help of digital printing.

4. Drawbacks and Limitations:

  • The only drawback of using digital printing is the bad image quality in some cases. Digital printing cannot support the PMS colour system so it does not give the same best image quality and colour accuracy as compared to other printers such as flexographic printers and offset printers.
  • Another drawback of using digital printing is restricted to limited stock options. You can only use digital printing on just certain types of paper materials, on the other hand, traditional packaging can be used on all types of packaging materials such as clipboards, corrugated, grey boards, and many other thicker paper packaging materials. Additionally, digital printing is best for folding cartons and allows you to create some best quality designs when used  

Ultimately, digital printing does the best on folding cartons and can produce some high-quality designs when used carefully.

5. What is Flatbed Digital Printing:

Flatbed digital printing is a type of digital printing in which you use an inkjet printer to regenerate the digital images on custom packaging boxes. This is an emerging trend and many packaging manufacturers are using this technique to provide an amazing look to their custom-printed boxes. Even inkjet printing is also considered to be the future of digital printing in the packaging industry.

The process of flatbed digital printing includes ultraviolet curable inks to print digital images on flat surfaces. With the help of this process, you can print on certain surfaces such as metal, glass, tiles, and wood.

6. Here are The Benefits of Digital Printing:

  • Consistently Higher Quality:

The emerging flatbed technology does not have any higher initial cost as compared to other printing techniques. It also prints in premium quality, greater in detail, and high level of accuracy and repeatability.

  • Environmentally friendly

This is another benefit of applying digital printing on your custom packaging boxes. Digital printing is totally sustainable and eco-friendlier as compared to traditional printing. It generates a very little amount of waste and creates less air pollution. It also leaves very few particles of carbon footprint.

  • Flexible and Low Cost

Flatbed digital printing not only provides an amazing look to your custom-printed boxes but is also cost-efficient. The lower cost of this printing technology can ease the customisation and create designs at a very low-cost price. The lower cost of this digital printing allows you to easily customise your custom boxes by staying within your budget.

7. Is Digital Printing for Packaging Right for You?

Digital printing on custom packaging cartons may bring many benefits for business owners who are looking for new and affordable ways to uplift the credibility of their brand among their customers.  On the other hand, digital printing may not suit your brand and isn’t necessarily the right choice for every application. But you can contact our custom packaging experts to get the perfect advice related to the packaging boxes.

The Cannabis Boxes has years of experience and the expertise to bring a new vision to your products and brands. If you have any questions in your mind related to the packaging industry, or digital printing for your product packaging, don’t hesitate to contact us through our customer care service or live chat.