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Flexible Packaging: Ideal Packaging Solution to Upscale Your Cannabis Business

Flexible Packaging: Ideal Packaging Solution to Upscale Your Cannabis Business

Flexible packaging is getting popularity in the Cannabis packaging industry because of its versatile features. It is ideal for many sectors and helps you to upscale your business.

In the USA, flexible packaging is the second largest popular packaging solution for the cannabis industry and is significantly growing. Flexible packaging is suitable for many cannabis industries like pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, and personal care due to adaptability to any product’s size, shape, etc.

A custom packaging solution is best for storage and also extends the retail shelf life of cannabis products. Due to their sustainability and versatility, this custom packaging has so many amazing benefits in the cannabis packaging industry. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss why flexible packaging is an ideal solution to upscale your cannabis business along with other important details.

1. Flexible Packaging:

Flexible packaging is an amazing and multipurpose packaging solution for cannabis products that is customized with packaging materials such as paper, foils, plastics, films, and a combination of them. Flexible packaging is any packaging that is versatile in nature and easily adapts to the nature, size, and shape of the products.

It is considered an ideal packaging solution to upscale your cannabis business because of some amazing benefits which are:

  • Versatility
  • Sustainability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Lightweight
  • Extend shelf life
  • Minimize carbon footprint
  • Provides maximum protection
  • Biodegradable
  • Endless options for customization

2. Factors to Consider Before Designing Your Flexible Packaging:

Now you get an idea of the amazing benefits of custom packaging, you must think of customizing this outstanding packaging for your cannabis products. Before you start designing your custom flexible packaging, you should consider some important factors that will help in the growth of your cannabis business. which are:

  • Design your flexible cannabis packaging with effective vibrant colors.
  • Use eye-catching illustrations and graphics.
  • Use strong typography that conveys your brand and product’s message to the consumers.
  • Use packaging material and formats that suit your delicate products.
  • Consider the factors like sustainability, and robustness to provide 100% protection to your cannabis products during transportation.
  • Use high-end flexible packaging to increase the shelf life and freshness of cannabis products.
  • Use eco-friendly flexible packaging to grab the attention of potential customers.
  • Choosing the right packaging manufacturing company with professionals is crucial for the success of your cannabis brand.
  • Before designing custom packaging for your cannabis products you should know the nature of your target audience.
  • You must know the market trends to design flexible packaging for effective results.
  • You should also focus on the functionality of the flexible packaging along with aesthetic appearance.
  • Design your flexible packaging in such a way that will enhance the positive experience of the customers.
  • You should go for innovative and unique designs for flexible packaging to increase the charisma of your cannabis products.
  • You should also print a beautiful logo, brand name, and strong message to increase brand visibility.

3. Best Packaging Materials:

Choosing the right material for custom packaging is vital, as it has a positive impact on consumers. Focus on the factors such as sustainability, compatibility, and durability of the material to provide maximum benefits to your products like protection and enhance appearance.

Here are some popular and highly recommended packaging materials based on the suitability of cannabis products.

  • Bioplastics
  • Polymer films
  • Corrugated cardboards
  • Aluminum foil
  • Kraft paper
  • UV protective film
  • Post-consumer recycled (PCR)
  • Plant-based resins
  • Plant-based paper
  • Polylactic acid (PLA) film

4. Printing Techniques for Flexible Packaging:

As there are a variety of packaging materials used for custom packaging, you can also use different yet effective printing techniques. You can use printing techniques according to the requirement of your products and add appealing graphics, bold colors, text, etc. Some most used printing techniques for flexible packaging are:

  • Flexography
  • Digital printing
  • Rotogravure printing

Final Thoughts:

Custom packaging is becoming an ideal choice for customers as well as for the cannabis industry. It will soon become the number one choice in the USA because of its outstanding features like lightweight, convenience, durability, and sustainability. This packaging solution will become more popular because of the advanced technologies for packaging and printing. Many famous industries along with the cannabis industry are using flexible packaging and are satisfied because of its flexibility to adapt to the requirements of the products.

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