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4 Exciting Holiday Packaging Design Ideas for Your 420-Friendly Market

4 Exciting Holiday Packaging Design Ideas for Your 420-Friendly Market

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and for all companies and brands, it’s a time bursting with opportunities to hit it off with their existing customers and attract potential customers. This way they can ultimately multiply their sales. This is a very fruitful time, especially for brands and companies that deal in cannabis products to attract hordes of 420-friendly customers! It also is the season to get even more creatively innovative with your products’ holiday packaging to use it as a remarkable marketing tactic.

There are so many diverse holidays, traditions, and celebrations that your cannabis business can make the most of, covering all the festivities from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Explore in this article a variety of effective Holiday packaging design ideas to use in the packaging of your cannabis products!

Happy Holiday Season!

First off, let us wish you a very happy holiday season! Now let’s get into discussing what Thanksgiving is all about. Thanksgiving, which literally means “the act of giving thanks,” is all about togetherness and gratefulness for everything that is good in life. This time of year, whole families get together to celebrate over scrumptious meals. The festival is also a celebration of the previous year’s harvest! Talking of harvest, if you are a business that deals in cannabis products then you should know what Green Wednesday is all about!

The Green Wednesday:

The Green Wednesday is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and is second only to 20th April (420 Day) in fame as a celebration that revolves around cannabis and cannabis products. The companies that deal in Cannabis or cannabis products are known to offer special discounts, holiday deals, and exclusive Thanksgiving promotions on their cannabis products. In 2022, cannabis retailers made sales of around $116.4 million owing to Green Wednesday! So grab this opportunity and order your custom cannabis boxes by incorporating these 4 Exciting Holiday Packaging Design Ideas for Your 420-friendly Market. Make this happy holiday season even more merrier!

Holiday Packaging Design Ideas:

Create packaging that screams “THANKSGIVING!”. Not only this, the holiday packaging of your cannabis products should express to your 420-friendly clientele how cherished they, and that you are thankful to have them connected to our brand! Effective branding done at the right time can make or break your sales. Doubtlessly, the best way to market your product is by introducing custom Holiday packaging designs to your cannabis or pre-roll packaging this Thanksgiving.

Let’s get to making your packaging extra special so that your brand has a competitive edge and becomes a favorite among the constantly increasing 420-friendly market! Let’s get to the point now:

1. Thanksgiving Imagery:

Incorporate Thanksgiving-themed imagery into your holiday packaging design to make it stand out! Think Thanksgiving! It’s a celebration of thankfulness and togetherness, and those scrumptious meals. Add elements like:

  • Fairly Light images
  • Pumpkin drawings
  • Doodles of Falling leaves and everything Autumn
  • Drawings of pies, stuffed turkeys, cakes, and any foodstuff that screams “Thanksgiving”

Not only drawings and doodles, emojis are a fun element to add to your packaging designs too! Just get creative!

2. Thanks Giving Fonts:

You would definitely need fonts for your packaging, as you have to add labels, and Thanksgiving wishes for your precious customers. Labels are preferably written in simple fonts that are easily readable, but what is stopping you from being creative when it comes to those wishes and Thanksgiving promotions? Here is a list of fonts you can use in your holiday packaging designs:

  • Thanksgiving 2016 (538Fonts)
  • Pear Leaves (Dmletter studio)
  • Sweet Maple (Attype Studio)
  • Autumn in November (Misti’s Fonts)
  • Hello Thankies (figure)
  • Christmas Smile (Yoga Letter)
  • Thanksgiving Cooker (Attype Studio)
  • Heleny (craftsupplyco)

3. Thanksgiving Colors:

For Thanksgiving add brilliant colors to your holiday packaging to create this celebratory vibe about your products. Custom Limited edition Thanksgiving Packaging can be in thematic colors like reds, browns, greens, and yellows. You can also add gold foil finishing to be extra this Thanksgiving!

4. Interactive Packaging with QR and AR:

Incorporate QR codes that lead your customers to your website or surprise them with Thanksgiving promotions to show them how special they are and how thankful you are to have them.

AR or augmented reality is all the hype these days. Work with an expert to create Augmented reality elements to introduce games or fun activities on the packaging of your 420 products to keep your customers occupied during the family drama on Thanksgiving.

Interactive packaging works like magnets to attract customers and boost sales. It also gives your holiday packaging design a unique touch.

Conclusion: Family-Friendly Packaging for Your 420-Friendly Customers:

Thanksgiving is a celebration when whole families get together, that includes everyone, the kids and the elderly. So to prevent your products from getting into the hands of a child, opt for child-resistant cannabis boxes, to add an extra layer of safety. Order the best quality child-resistant packaging from The Cannabis Boxes today and start marketing your brand using the remarkable customization options we offer. You will only get the best holiday packaging here!

Oh and yes, happy holiday season!