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How to Label Your Pre-roll Packaging Like a Pro For Cannabis Products?

How to Label Your Pre-roll Packaging Like a Pro For Cannabis Products?

The purpose of effective packaging is not only to protect and secure your products but also to meritoriously grab the attention of your consumers, in a way that makes them reject the products of your rivals in the market and grab your products instead. Attractiveness and recognition is the key here.

Custom pre-roll labels on packaging can be an important contributory factor in elevating the brand’s sales. This also plays a vital role in making the products stand out in the market pompously among competitors.  

By crafting well-designed custom labeling you can connect with customers by increasing brand recognition. You can do this by designing and incorporating visual elements to express your company’s brand values as well as the high quality of your products.

The Art of Pre-roll Labeling:

There has been a boost in marijuana sales in recent years since the legalization of the cannabis trade. Although, many newfound brands in the industry manufacture first-rate products but have insufficient knowledge about contemporary packaging and labeling. This is a disastrous blemish that can tarnish the success of new brands.

Effectual marketing is a lot more than just a cool logo on your packaging labels. Introduce conspicuous colors and catchy typography that accentuate the essence of your brand.

  • The Color Palette

For a while, close your eyes and think about your products in the packaging. What color palette on your pre-roll packaging label do you think best captures the gist of your brand’s values? Is it earthy tones or the colors of the sky? Vibrant neons or serene pastels?

  • The Typography

Similarly, what sort of typography do you think best suits the labeling of your brand’s products? Do your prerolls look best labeled in bold and intrepid typography, or do the minimal and quiet fonts suit your brand’s package labels?

Always remember that an impressive and unswerving brand identity captured on your pre-roll labels individualizes you from the competitive brands and nurtures the trust and loyalty of the customers.

Compliance and Cannabis Regulations:

The labels on your pre-roll packaging should always comply with the laws and regulations of the government bodies. The label compulsions for each product category can be found in OAR 845-025-7000 through 845-025-7190. It is necessary that all the labeling on your pre-roll packaging comply with these obligations and rules at all costs.

Consumer Engagement through Labels:

Times have changed the way shoppers are buying products. Consumers now look for transparency in labels, whether they are buying your product online or in a store. Make your preroll labels straightforward and to the point.

Nevertheless, no-nonsense labels certainly don’t mean that you cannot inoculate interactive elements in them. Consider establishing consumer engagement by having your customers interact with the label of your products. This could be as simple as introducing QR codes to your website and coupons to another product to promote cross-sale. Other than QR codes you can add ARs to make the customers creatively engage with your products, and tell a backstory, particularly one with a sustainability element in it.


Hopefully, by now you will have sufficient knowledge of the ABC of effective labeling for the packaging of your prerolls. But notwithstanding, if you encounter some complications in designing the perfect preroll labels and the right packaging for your prerolls, you can always contact us at The Cannabis Boxes, USA. Our team is ever-willing to offer you the best packaging and packaging advice for your cannabis products. You will never be disappointed.

Always remember that efficacy when designing custom labels or custom packaging for your preroll cannabis products is what can make or break your marketing strategy. Choose The Cannabis Boxes, USA for premium packaging solutions.