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Prevent Tempering with Medicine: Top Four Types of Packaging

Prevent Tempering with Medicine: Top Four Types of Packaging

Are you running a pharmaceutical company and looking for the best quality packaging for your medicines to prevent tempering? Well, tempering is a criminal act and many companies have faced legal actions against them. Therefore, it is very important to use the best quality packaging that might help to reduce the medicine tempering. Despite using great packaging, if you still suspect that your medicines are being tempered, immediately contact the cops and authorities. It is a serious problem and might put lives at risk. 

Additionally, there are four types of packaging that might help your company to prevent tempering with medicine. In this blog, we have discussed the major four types of packaging to prevent tempering:

1. Child Resistant Packaging:

 Child-resistant packaging is one of the types of packaging which is also known as safety packaging. This type of packaging is mainly used to make it difficult for the children to open it. It is the most common type of packaging used in the packaging industry which is also known as a push-and-turn mechanism. This mechanism works as you need to push down and turn on the lid to take the medicine.  You can use this mechanism of packaging on cleaning or medication products.  

Additionally, child-resistant packaging isn’t 100% effective but reduces the risk of poisoning injuries in children. If you have any children at home, then it’s necessary to buy those medicines that are packed in child-resistant packaging.

2. Blister Packs:

Blister packs are also a type of packaging that is used to pack small-sized medicines such as capsules or pills. These packs are made of plastic material and sealed together. Additionally, this type of packaging is easy to carry and lightweight and also helps you to protect your product from outside elements such as humidity, sun and other environmental factors.

Blister packaging also plays an important role in preventing the tempering with medicine. In this packaging, medicine is sealed in a bubble and after that, it is sealed in foil backing. This is the reason why this packaging is perfect to prevent the tempering with medicine as you cannot open the medicine until you damage the bubble.

3. Unit-of-Use Packaging:

Unit-of-use packaging is also a type of packaging that helps you prevent tempering with medicine. It is specifically designed to contain a single unit of medicine or any product. This type of packaging is mostly used for products or medications that are small in size and used for single-served food items. Additionally, using unit-of-use packaging is also beneficial for both consumers and manufacturers.

This type of packaging is more convenient and easy to use as compared to traditional ones. Furthermore, it can also help you to reduce the cost of packaging as it utilizes less material. It also increases the shelf life of medicine and products by reducing the risk of damage from external elements.

4. Bottles with Lock Mechanisms:

This is also a type of medicine packaging in which locking mechanisms are installed on packaging bottles to prevent the tempering of medicine. This type of packaging also helps you to reduce the risk of medicine poisoning and allergies. These locking mechanisms include screw caps, lift-and-turn caps, and push-and-turn caps. Every type of locking mechanism has its own benefits and disadvantages. So, it’s essential to select the packaging that is suitable for your products.

Using this type of packaging plays an important role in preventing the tempering of medicine because of its bottle-locking mechanism. Furthermore, this locking mechanism also prevents the bottles from being crushed and protects the medicine from becoming contaminated.


To conclude, this is all about preventing the medicine from tempering by using the best quality packaging. You can use the above-mentioned types of medicine to ensure the safety of medicines and help patients get the right dose of medicine. It’s also illegal to do tempering with medicine and it’s the responsibility of pharmaceutical companies and government to stop the tempering of medicine by using best quality packaging boxes. If you are running a pharmaceutical company and facing these same issues, you can contact to get perfect packaging solutions for your medicines and other products.