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Vape Kit Packaging Trends Shaping the UK Vaping Industry

Vape Kit Packaging Trends Shaping the UK Vaping Industry

The vaping industry of the UK introduced new ways to update the packaging trends and shape the overall vape businesses. And thousands of vape brands are switching to vape kit packaging instead of traditional smoking boxes.

2021 was a difficult year for the vape industry in many countries Because additional restrictions were imposed on flavors and licenses. Luckily in the UK, the government takes a stand by heightening the harm reduction. the vape industry is continuously growing and many people love to switch to vaping every day. As reported by Market Data Forecast, the packaging industry for vape kits in the UK is observing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8% from 2021 to 2026. Let’s know in this post, various packaging trends of vape packaging that shape the vaping industry in the UK.

The UK’s Average Vaper Population

The UK has one of the biggest vaping industries in Europe. As per the survey, the UK is home to approximately 3.6 million vipers in 2021. Plus, the survey showed that 2,469 teens (aged between 11 to 18) and 12,046 youngsters (aged over 18) in the UK. 

The latest Packaging trend for Vape kits in the UK

The top 7 custom vape kit packaging trends are as follows:

1. Sustainable Packaging

First of all, consider that sustainable packaging is key to following the trend of the industry. Not only packaging companies but also vapers in the UK become more conscious about the environmental impacts and planet welfare due to awareness of sustainable material. Vape manufacturers rapidly switching to sustainable packaging solutions to show their brand commitment to a healthy and safe planet.

Features of sustainable packaging are:

  • Biodegradable material
  • Reusable packaging
  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Reduce waste
  • Decrease the use of plastic

2. Personalized Packaging

Personalization is a way to give our packaging your own touch. vape manufacturers can personalize the packaging to motivate the vapers. Vape kit packaging producers let you design and customize containers as per requirements. In this way, brands can create and strong yet distinctive identity and build a more personal bond with their target audience through personalized packaging solutions.

How can you give a personal touch to vape packaging kits?

  • By choosing vivid colors
  • Print the name of the brand or logos
  • Add the name of the vaper or special text

3. Innovative and Versatile Designs

The designing of vape kits has no limits. Whether you want to add a minimalist design or a bold to attract a number of audiences. The vaping industry of the UK, considering adding innovative designs, unique shapes, unusual styles, and interactive elements to make their brand products even more visible on the shelves.

What are innovative styles and designs?

  • Adding inserts and dividers
  • Die-cut style
  • Window style
  • Tray style

4. Child-Resistant Packaging

The CBD product’s safety is a priority in the UK. Thus, child-resistant packaging is one of the trends of vaping kids in the vaping industry UK.  The packaging features tight caps and self-locking closures to prevent accidental opening by kids. In this way, manufacturers ensure not only product safety but also keep your kids away from vaping, if they suddenly find the kit.

5. Transparency and Information

Nowadays, Customers are gradually becoming aware of the products they use. Vape kit packaging trends in the UK include offering complete and precise information about the product and other instructions on how to use it. In addition, the ingredients, health warnings, and storage instructions help to build customer trust and loyalty. Ultimately, the vapers are aware of misuse risks, strong problems, and ingredients to prevent allergies.

6. Convenient Packaging Designs

Vape kits are now available in a variety of suitable packaging patterns. Movable packaging is more likely by customers such as pocket-sized containers, travel-friendly kits, and easy-to-use and throwaway options. Without any doubt, all these trends cater to the needs of on-the-go vapers that looking for hassle-free solutions for their passion.

7. Luxury Packaging

 To target a niche market segment, some vape companies in the UK are financing luxury packaging. Premium quality materials, elegant and eye-grabbing designs, and sophisticated finishes are significantly used to create exclusive vape kit packaging.  As a result, the appeals of luxury packaging influence luxury-seeking vapers.

Final Notes

Vape kit packaging plays a crucial role in shaping the trends of the Vaping industry in the UK. From sustainable packaging material to innovative design and convenient & pocket-size packaging matters.  most importantly the overall look with orienting and coating everything counts to update the packaging trend. In the last, child-resistant packaging is also a part of vaping packaging that now transformed into a trend.